Welcome to the website of the transport company Almar

Almar is a transport company operating in the city of Poti. The company transports cargo by car and by rail. In addition, Almar is a container, warehousing terminal where both cargo is reloaded and stored.

Today, we can already be proud of the level and quality we have achieved in this field. The company has the necessary resources to solve tasks in the field of logistics, we offer a range of services that meet world standards and customer requirements, such as:

  • Road and rail transportation;
  • Customs clearance;
  • Forwarding and logistics services;
  • Container insurance;

Cargo shipping is mostly carried out in Asian countries and Transcaucasian countries. Mainly in the direction of Baku, Turkey and Uzbekistan. The geographical area of ​​the company’s capabilities is not limited. The following types of cargo can be ordered with us:

  • Industrial and agricultural;
  • Dry and tap;
  • Retail;

Transportation is organized along the entire route. We use standard and refrigerated containers, container-tanks, and also take into account the purpose of delivering dangerous goods by observing appropriate precautions. We serve the “Hapak Lloyd” line, which containers actively enter our “Almar Service” terminal, we can also serve with another line.


The company team – these are high-level specialists. Their experience, skills and aspirations to provide a high level of service allow us to arrange the delivery of any cargo at an acceptable cost in the shortest possible time.

Our team is a team of professionals who will be able to perform any task of any difficulty. Our core value is our customers, so we have an individual approach to each customer. Regardless of the volume of delivery, we guarantee a close time, quality and affordable transportation service. We strive to work with our company to enable you to do so